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La Storia

I come from a line of faithful, strong and beautiful Italian matriarchs. Their hearts are big and their kitchen stoves were always on, simmering up something delicious to serve their families and the occasional guest who may stop by. Their photos, along with my late mother-in-law's photo taken in Sicily, are the ones you see sprinkled throughout the pages of this shop. Their beauty, Catholic faith and womanhood have inspired me throughout my life.

As a young girl, I remember being facsincated by the beauty of imperfection found in all things vintage. I was drawn to the patina and color, design and tradition inherent in heirloom pieces and treasures passed down through generations. Occasionally, my grandmother graciously gifted me with strands of old beads, baubles, and pearls, vintage rosaries and saint medals of our shared Catholic faith, and old costume jewelry found in the boxes tucked neatly in her dresser drawers. I spent hours tinkering with my new {old} treasures and fashioning them into charm bracelets and dangling earrings.            

My jewelry designs have surely evolved, but my old soul still creates each piece with a sentimental nod to the past. The pieces in these collections are handcrafted from antique, vintage and new elements that inspire me or catch my eye. I'm especially fond of incorporating beautiful religious elements and Catholic medals, faceted gemstones, old rhinestones, cameos and vintage hearts. 
Always handmade with love.

I'm so grateful for each and every woman who supports this humble little shop of mine. Thank you, friends, for your purchases and kind words of encouragement throughout the years. It's been a beautiful creative journey with you.

I love to connect with and inspire other women through jewelry workshops and creative retreats. It's an honor and a joy to teach and create with others!
For teaching inquiries, please visit the CONTACT page.

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